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Quintel said the show is going out exactly how they want and that the final season will bring the series full circle. How and when did you know that Season 8 of Regular Show would be its last? It was kind of more like figuring out the right way to end it, so it would end our way and properly. We always intended for the show to have a beginning, middle and end so that the viewers will feel satisfied with the ending and not feel they were left hanging. So when we found out that Season 8 would possibly be the end, we set into motion these episodes that we wanted to happen so we can have our series end the way we wanted it to end. I think they knew that we did a lot of episodes and we feel like we explored a lot of territory with these characters. No we did something like that already. But if we start going in this direction we will have all these other cool stories.

2014 was Definitely Year of the Rigby

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When did they start dating? Because in Paint Job, Eileen brings Rigby hot water and he doesn’t go bananas.

Author’s note: This story will be about Eileen meeting Rigby’s brother Don and parents for the first time. Mordecai will be with them since Rigby would probably feel a little nervous about this. Also I think I might have them meet at the house in the park, but I’m not sure. I don’t own Regular Show at all, also check out my voting poll before I close it on the 16 th of July.

It’s been a couple weeks since Rigby and Eileen started dating and the park guys all know about it. Mordecai was a little surprised but was happy for his friend anyway. Rigby was super happy by this until today when he got a call from his parents and his brother who found out that he had a girlfriend. It was morning at the park and Mordecai was in the kitchen of the house having some coffee when Rigby ran in not looking happy.

Mordecai sighs, he had told Don but he didn’t tell Rigby and now he knew he’s going to be yelled at. Well Don would and quite possibly my mom, but I doubt my dad would know him. She’ll be there for you when it comes time for them to meet. The two of them then leave the kitchen after Mordecai finishes his coffee to go and call Eileen about the situation.

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Rigby signs up for an online dating site and reconnects with an old girlfriend, Mordecai and Rigby can only make things worse but is Eileen’s insane faith in.

Your web-browser is very outdated, and as such, this website may not display properly. Please consider upgrading to a modern, faster and more secure browser. Click here to do so. Eileen and Rigby never date. In an upcoming episode Rigby turns into an actual mole. The lifespan of a mole is only about years.

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Regular Show is an American animated series created by J. The series contains many characters, with seven main characters and various recurring and one-time characters. The fifth season of the American animated comedy television series Regular Show, created by J. Quintel, originally aired on Cartoon Network in the United States.

In that same episode, Rigby made a promise that was going to be He grew to like Eileen and as such, when Mordecai started dating CJ.

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Eileen and rigby

These are the following characters from the American animated television series Regular Show. Mordecai voiced by J. Quintel is a year-old anthropomorphic blue jay who works as a groundskeeper at The Park.

I feel that Eileen is one of our favorite characters, we really like her and she says a lot of funny stuff. And the fact that her and Rigby are dating.

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Eileen and rigby dating sites

Close Menu. Mordecai and the Rigbys are back together for an epic battle of the bands! Mordecai gets roped into baby-sitting Death’s kid, Rigby gets called out on being a big ol’ liar, and we finally learn the true story behind Skips’ immortality!

Motorcycle Driving – In “Play Date”, despite having some trouble in the Mordecai knows of Eileen’s crush on Rigby and even said they’d make a “cute couple”.

Okay Regular Show, you made Rigleen canon. Now please make a flash back episode of how that went down. It would have helped us understand why they decided to end the way they did. They were talking about it outside, and even gave each other a hug before they both went their separate ways. Hopefully that will be in a future episode, but still. It pisses me off because CJ had such a well-developed personality that could have been used to form a friendship between Margaret and Eileen so they could be a female trio.

All-in-all, this show needs to just die and be rewritten.

Rigby and Eileen are in heaven