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Pair of Antique Figural Doré Bronze Andirons French Antiques, Vintage Antiques, date unspecified A FRENCH ORMOLU MANTEL CLOCK BY LEROLLE.

Read more. Antique fireplaces, surrounds and fire-related accessories such as scuttles, bellows, tools, fenders or fire screens. This is an antique fire grate. An English, wrought iron fireside basket, dating to the Victorian period, circa This is a charming antique fire grate, ready to accept fire wood, coal or kindling. Delivered polished and ready for the home. Dimensions: Max Width: 64cm

Antique chimneypiece andirons

When we think of a fireplace we envision the roaring fire within and its shadows dancing throughout the room. However, it is even more important to consider the attractiveness of the fireplace when the fire is not burning, as is the case for most of the time you are enjoying that room. A fireplace sets the decorative tone for a room. Dramatic, period andirons, an elegant grate or a fender can add tremendous interest and personalize your fireplace like no other essential. Northshore Fireplace Central St.

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A antique “picker” bought a pair of brass andirons from a Rochester, N. He left them on another dealer’s front porch overnight until an auctioneer could pick them up. If you know what to look for, buying old brass andirons is one of the easiest ways to make a great buy while scouting for your favorite antiques.

In the second half of 18th century England, coal replaced wood as the major household fuel. That’s because they had cut down most of their trees. Here, in eastern America, we wouldn’t chop our thick forests bare for another eighty years. So, while the English made brass fronted coal grates, we made andirons. In their day, fine brass andirons were costly. In , Daniel King billed John Cadwalader, a Philadelphian John Adams described as “a gentlemen of large fortune,” twenty-five pounds for a pair with corinthian column shafts.

Dating Andirons

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Check out Donald Wilson’s ANTIQUES ROADSHOW appraisal of this Philadelphia Brass Andirons, ca. from Myrtle Beach, Hour 1!

From the start of the Colonial period to about when fireplaces were superseded by stoves, andirons were taken-for-granted household items. For two hundred years American homes depended on wood-burning fireplaces for heat and cooking. Andirons were essential. Probably they were among the necessities brought over by the first settlers. Just when they were first made here is unknown but those of wrought iron must have been produced for local needs about as soon as the first blacksmiths set up their forges.

These artisans played a potent role in the making of America. Home and farm depended on the tools and other necessary items formed on their anvils. In fact, the two evidences that a town was an established community instead of a frontier outpost were a “settled” clergyman and a blacksmith with forge in working order. The blacksmith made all the fireplace tools and his andirons were of two kinds, those entirely of wrought iron and those with brass uprights and wrought iron leg rests.

Most of the brass uprights before the American Revolution were imported from England and then fitted with suitable shafts and log rests by the local blacksmith. Shapes and patterns in the wrought iron andirons changed little. A simple arch formed the legs. To it a handwrought shaft, sometimes flat and sometimes round, was welded, thus forming the upright which ended in a finial of some sort.

Antique andirons

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3 pairs of beautiful heavy antique French fireplace andirons. of the 20th century​; the beautiful objects on picture 3 are very old and date back to around

Question: We have a pair of fireplace andirons that probably date back to the late 19th Century. They stand almost 2 feet high and have a braided, or twisted, pattern running around the main legs of the set. What sort of value should my family attach to them? Other factors that will affect price include the unusual shape of the andirons, who designed them and the materials from which they are made. Generally, andirons made of brass or copper will bring more cash than iron.

But an intricate iron pattern can neutralize this rule of thumb, collectors say. Another collecting hint is the fact that a matched set of andirons invariably attracts greater collector interest–and hence bigger cash sales–than simply one andiron. Some 18th- and 19th-Century designs include andirons designed with animal and human heads. Others were more functional, topped off, for example, with hooks where plates and tankards could be hung.

Collectors also specialize in related items, such as fireplace tools, bellows and warming pans. Associated with collecting andirons are cooking items, such as pots and pans designed for the open hearth and used at a time when the fireplace played a major role in preparing meals for the early American family. Raymond Sherrard, a government investigator, is an expert on law-enforcement patches.

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Andirons are constructed of metal to hold flaming firewood slightly above the firebox floor to improve fireplace draw and ventilation. They typically stand upon two front legs connected to a central iron shaft, called a “dog” or “billet bar” which has a bent end to form the back foot. The andiron dogs or billet bars keep the flaming logs in the firebox of the fireplace as they burn and settle. For centuries fireplaces have been furnished with all manner of andirons, with antique andirons adding to the visual interest of today’s fireplaces.

Andirons used in colonial America were crudely fashioned of iron by local blacksmiths.

English and dating from around , this is a lovely decorative pair of fireside andirons. Now in our Clitheroe antiques showroom, open six days a week.

Antique owl andirons are metal fireplace supports shaped like owls produced up to the early 20th century. The andiron reached its peak of artistic development under Louis XIV of France, and it is plausible that owl andirons were produced as early as the late 17th — early 18th century. They saw a huge surge in popularity between the s and s, and this is where the majority of antique owl andirons come from.

They are generally of wrought or cast iron, occasionally brass, and often have either holes for eyes, or transparent glass eyes, through which the fire behind them would glow. Many examples are more recent however, as cheaper, mass produced versions continue to be produced today. The first step when collecting antique owl andirons is to ascertain that they are in fact antiques. It can be hard to know where they originate from.

Many are found languishing in houses and barns, and it is difficult to determine how long they have been there. Their age is a great determining factor in their worth, as is their designer, if this can be discovered.

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A pair of tall etched brass Baroque style Andirons. A pair of Baroque style polished steel andirons with steeple finials above toothed bulbous balusters set on rectangular plinths supported on sturdy splayed feet. English, late 19th century.

The andiron dogs or billet bars keep the flaming logs in the firebox of the fireplace as with antique andirons adding to the visual interest of today’s fireplaces. Date: Circa Item Number: AND38 Dimensions: 21½” H X 21½” D; Date.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Fireplace andirons or firedogs improve the ventilation and burning of the fire and thus the draft of the fireplace. If you are unsure about the purpose of andirons or fireplace dogs, please read here: What is the purpose of andirons or firedogs and fireplace grates? Or learn more about Which size of andirons or firedogs do I need? Below you can select andirons by size, type, material, style, age and origin.

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These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only. Pair of English cast iron andirons, 19th century, each with a twisted stem on U shape base 2 , height 51 cm. A pair of Australian fauna andirons with kangaroo and emu, cast iron, circa , 32 cm high. A part Italian wrought iron andiron fire place set 19th century including a pair of andirons fitted with pot and candle holders cm high, cm wide.

Provenance: The John Hurlston Collection. Pair of Louis XVI style ormolu andirons late 19th century, each modelled as a putti standing on a scrolled rocaille base 2 , height 55 cm.

(11) Antique andirons and fireplace tools survive in some quantity, but hard use andirons and a fender, American or English, dating from the early nineteenth.

Learn how to take your home from blah to bananas. We’re dishing on all the ways to bring chic and unique style to your space. Warning: Decorating with Chairish can be addictive. Never miss new arrivals that match exactly what you’re looking for! Few things top our passion for a crackling fire—except maybe vintage andirons and chenets! Although their practical purpose may be a tad antiquated, vintage andirons and chenets are a classic addition to any fireplace, and can add a sense of bygone elegance to a space think the of kind of magic that Charles Dickens conjures up!

Depending on what style you choose, vintage andirons can also lend a sense of unexpected dose of wit and quirk. For instance, if your look is a little less antiquated than vintage cast iron andirons permit, keep an eye out for Mid-Century andirons. Look for brass andirons with aerodynamic forms and wrought iron details to give your fireplace some sculptural weight. Cat andirons and owl andirons dating to the mid 20th Century are also popular finds.

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