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Several months ago, I obtained a small wooden cigar box, gifted to and inscribed by Fidel Castro in , the year of the Revolution. Please scroll down to see detailed images. The box is something of a conundrum. It is not the quality of a diplomatic gift. The date of the inscription does not match that of the dedication they are a month apart. And then there is the signature.

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By Marla Vizdal. Made to hold cigars, its origin dates back to the early s and to a man, Charles Goodwin, who was born in McDonough County. A brief history of the tobacco industry brings a better understanding of what information has been unearthed about this particular box. Tobacco is a crop that goes back to the days of the Pre Columbian Americans.

K-Z cigaritos, Antonio company Tampa Fla, cigar and signed with city clerk and seal. Unique rare find. seal date, special permission use of city.

Today we want to explore what is available as manufacturer information for the aging of our cigars, with particular focus on cigars purchased individually, so not in box. It is not rare to see a date stamp on the bottom of boxes of cigars from other producing countries. Many premium cigar manufacturers provide this information, which is useful for them, but also for cigar lovers who want to experiment with the aging of cigars. However, cigar lovers might want to experiment the aging of cigars on individual cigars before buying boxes.

Having said this, our topic becomes more interesting when a consumer does not buy a box, but single cigars. If the tobacconist is not there to provide date stamp information when the cigar is taken out of the box, assuming there is a date stamp on it, it can be a problem. What we find extremely interesting for a consumer is the case in which a manufacturer goes the extra mile and prints a date in the back of the single cigar band.

We attended a seminar last year where Andrea Molinari presented the re-introduction of OneOff cigars. While tasting his cigars, when we removed the band we found a year stamped on the back. Molinari explained that is the year in which the tobacco was harvested. Mombacho stamps all rings with the month and year relating to when the cigar was rolled.

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BoLLEN- BACHEE, a citizen of the United States, residing at Bloomington, in the count-y of Monroe and State of Indiana, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Cigar-Boxes; and Ido hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of theinvention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use thc same.

My’invention relates to an improvement in cigar-boxes, and particularly to that class in which Inoisture or fragrance is imparted to the cigars; and it consists in the features of construction which will be fully hereinafter de scribed, and pointed out in the claim. The object of my invention is to provide a. In the drawings, A represents the entire box, consisting of the bottom I, the short, straight rear wall 2, the forwardly-daring side walls,3 3, the elongated audcurved front wall, 4, the lids 5 5, and the handle 6, the general contour of said box being fanshaped.

The iixed parts of the box are secured together in the usual manner,and thelids are also suitably secured for opening and closing, as usual.

Date Stamp On Box. Cuban cigars enthusiasts are very familiar with the so-called ‘cuno’, the code stamped on the bottom of cigar boxes. It is not.

Bristol-based duo Tom Drummond and Pat Hammett are bringing an age-old musical tradition up to date with beautiful, handmade cigar box guitars made in their Easton workshop. The history of the cigar box guitar stretches back to the Deep South of s America. The guitars were a product of hardship and poverty. When money was tight, people would make instruments out of what was to hand — an old cigar box, broom handle and a couple of wires became the building blocks of a new musical movement.

A cigar box guitar has provided the backing for many a blues lament. Now Bristol-based craftsmen Tom Drummond and Pat Hammett have brought the tradition up to date with beautiful, handmade cigar box guitars. When people see and hear them, they immediately connect with a rich musical history. After all, cigar box guitars are the foundation of blues.

If you assemble a guitar, and maybe customise it, you are immediately hooked into that history, and it becomes more personal to you. Drummond and Hammett started the business with a simple premise – to make a living out of something they enjoyed. Our personalities are complementary.

Abraham Lincoln: Unique 1860-Dated Wooden Cigar Box….

Looking for steals and deals in the collectible world? There’s a market for cigar boxes and tobacco tins. Good, saleable finds are storage items — not only cigar boxes and tobacco tins, but bank boxes, mailboxes, coffee tins and anything else used for storage. Most folks have found these items in the garage, basement or attic, and these are places for mold, mildew, rust and rodents, so do check over items with care when purchasing.

Some boxes and tins found at a country auction may be dirty and can come with nuts, bolts and screws missing, so be prepared for those as well. So why cigar boxes?

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It’s signed by a Viennese artist, and it’s dated You look inside, it’s a cigar box. Well, this actually is Austrian, as well. It’s silver gilt and enamel.

Learn 10 fun facts about cigars boxes and packaging to tell your pals at the been purchased by over , customers and growing to date.

This invention relates to devices applicable to cigar boxes for maintaining moisture within the cigar box so as to keep the cigars therein moist and prevent their drying out. Referring to the accompanying drawings wherein similar reference characters designate similar parts throughout, the conventional cigar box is designated at B, which has the conventional hinge cover C.

The invention consists of a frame 10, preferablyformed of sheet metal and which is U-shaped in section. This frame is adapted to be positioned over the top edges of the walls of the box B. A transparent panel 11, which is preferably glass, is mounted upon the frame and extends froniside to side of the box B andpartially from the front of the box toward its rear. This container is preferably formed of sheet metal and has a side wall 12 extending upwardly from the rear edge of the transparent panel It is provided with a top wall 13 extending rearwardly, and a second side wall 14 extending downwardly over the rear wall of the box B.

End walls 15 connect the end edges of the side walls 12 and 14 and the top wall A pair of arms 17 are pivoted to the rear ends of the frame 10 and are adaptedto be swung under the moistening element 16 so as to support it within the container above the top edges of the walls of the box B.

Manufacturer Information For The Aging Of Our Cigars

This is the current date system. Each month is given an alpha code based on the first three letters of the Spanish spelling of the month. The year is indicated by the last two digits of the year in short year format, where is expressed as In several provinces, all the factories use a common code e. SS for the ten factories in the Sancti Spiritus province.

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The object sought to be attained by this invention is mainly to produce a cigar-box of wood and sheet metal as an improved article of manufacture that shall have all the desirable qualities and properties of the Wooden cigar-box and shall possess in addition thereto by reason of its structure several qualities and features of advantage over the cigar-box made wholly of wood.

Cigars of all grades, and particularly those of the finer grades, are found to suffer more or less loss or reduction in commercial value after a period ‘of exposure to such changes or influences of climate while packed in the well-known box of cedar-wood, as demanded by the trade. To this end and object I propose to construct a sheet-metal and cedar-wood box substantially after the manner herein described and shown.

Figure 1 of the annexed drawings herein referred to is a view in perspective of a cigarbox embodying my invention and showing portions of the box broken away to disclose the structure more plainly. This improved cigar-box is constructed with an exterior sheet-metal surface and an interior lining or facing of Spanish cedar in such manner that the box has a lining or facing of cedar-wood interposed between the metal surfaces and the contents.

The wooden sides and ends a ab 12 are united to the metal sides and ends A A B B by turning over the topedge of the metal and bending it down closely on the inside of the box, so as to clamp and confine the wood immovably in place, and afterward the wooden facing g for the bottom is inserted and pressed down to place upon the metal bottom G, thus confining the sides and ends in perpendicular po sition, as represented in Fig.

A tight joint is obtained between the lid and the body of the box by forming a perpendicular flange or rim d on the edge of the lid and at right angles to its face, so as to fit down closely around the top edge of the box or into a rabbet R in the metal covering forced closely into a rabbet formed in the wooden body around its upper edge.

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These notes attempt to give some guidance to when best to drink our wines. The wines tasted were from our own library collection kept in an underground cellar. This probably mirrors the average collector, but those with differing conditions should adjust accordingly. Please note we started to get considerably better quality and longer corks since the vintage.

Many of the to vintages unfortunately vary a lot depending on the condition of the corks. Please note that these notes should supersede the predictions of the fact sheets, which are prepared shortly after bottling.

A Brief History Cigar box instruments date back to the ‘s, when cigars began to be packaged in smaller units in handy wooden boxes. The great depressio.

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Q: In our grandfather’s attic, we found dozens of old cigar boxes and would like to know how to find out if they have any value. Is there a market for such boxes or a cigar box collector we can contact? A: The value of a cigar box depends on its age, brand name of cigars, size, whether the box or container has an unusual shape, the theme or subject matter of the label, historical factors if any, condition, completeness and rarity.

: Premium Wooden Empty Cigar Boxes (5 Pack): Kitchen & Dining. Household) #40 in Cigar Cases. Date First Available, October 11,

April 29, Serving as storage to its valuable content. Guess again. The story behind cigar boxes is not as superficial as many smokers believe. Often underappreciated, today we discuss the history behind cigar boxes, taking a look at all the interesting facades of the cigar box. Although these forms of packaging were efficient back in the day, they seemed to lack finesse, sophistication and practicality.

Herman Upmann, the founding father of H. Upmann, was the one to revolutionise cigar packaging forever. However, the first cigar box did not have Upmann cigars inside. Coming from a family of German bankers, Herman and August Upmann convinced their father that opening a bank branch in Cuba would be very beneficial for the future of their business. Proving to be one of the most influential habano brands to this day, H.

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