A Criminal Defense: A Harlan Donnally Novel

  • Формат: Книга
  • Автор:Gore Steven
  • Автор(ы):Gore Steven
  • Жанр:Детективы
  • ISBN: -
  • Издательство: HarperCollins Publishers Inc.
  • Серия: не указана
  • Год:2013


  • Betrayal wounds.Revenge destroys.Over three decades, Hamlin_s practice devolved into just another racket: intimidating witnesses, suborning perjury, destroying evidence, laundering money. But is he the victim of murder—or of a dangerous sexual encounter gone wrong? And when law enforcement believes justice has already been done, who can be trusted to find out?Once again in the city where his career came to a shattering end, former detective Harlan Donnally resolved it wouldn_t be him. He had no desire to immerse himself in the deceit that was Hamlin_s career . . . nor entangle himself in the corrupted loyalties that turned the dead lawyer_s associates into both co-conspirators and suspects . . . nor make himself the proxy for the hatreds and betrayals Hamlin left behind.But the presiding judge demanded otherwise—and that might cost Donnally his life.